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Please use the contact form on the home page if you are considering any of these scripts for production. Excerpts available upon request. 


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Screen Shot 2023-06-19 at 1.31.29 PM.png

one-act (3f, 2m), ~90 mins

Maisie has finally landed an apprenticeship at the prestigious Red Key Publishing House, with the acclaimed fiction writer Gilda Tarrington assigned as her mentor. But posh, ancient Gilda has a secret: she’s really the mind behind the famous pseudonym of an erotic paperback empire, and she believes Maisie has the potential to be her successor. Determined not to lose her first major writing opportunity, Maisie sets out to learn everything she can about sex in a serious of hilarious, harrowing, and heartwarming escapades. ​

"The B Street Theatre has set the gold standard in new comedy development with its world premiere of Insertion by Sarah Groustra." -BroadwayWorld Sacramento

Production History:

  • staged reading: B Street Theatre New Comedies Festival, Sacramento, CA - dir. Imani Mitchell & Carolyn Murray (July 2022) * FESTIVAL WINNER! *

  • world premiere production: B Street Theatre Mainstage, dir. Tara Sissom-Pittaro (July 2023)

  • Insertion was named a finalist for the 2023 Jane Chambers Award, which honors plays with feminist themes and significant roles for women. 

Radio Man

Click the arrow to see more images from the 2023 SheNYC Festival.

Photos by Danielle DeMatteo. 


one-act (3f, 1m), ~60 mins

After a climate crisis decimates civilization as we know it, two sisters trek across the post-apocalyptic wasteland with only an eccentric voice on their transistor radio for company. When another young girl stumbles upon their campsite, they must decide whether or not the newcomer can stay. Longing, reminiscence, and a desire for their past life bond the women together, while the looming dangers of the natural world threaten to take their lives.​

Production History:

  • Radio Man was awarded the 2021 James E. Michael Prize for excellence in playwriting.  

  • Radio Man was featured in The Parsnip Ship's Play Club discussion series

  • world premiere production: the 2023 SheNYC Festival at the Connelly Theater, New York City, dir. Mackenna Goodrich, starring Emma Mineo, Lisa Naso, & Claire McPartland. Winner: SheNYC Festival Award for Best Script, Best Direction, Best Lead Actress (Emma Mineo)

The Laundry Play

one-act (1f, 1m), ~60 mins

David is a museum curator whose panic attacks have gone untreated for years. When he considers taking a job that will move him halfway across the country, this comes as a shock to his girlfriend, Eliza. Told largely through both characters' conversations with a therapist, The Laundry Play paints a portrait of a relationship on the verge of either connection or collapse, and the emotional landscape of intimacy with clinical anxiety. 

Development & Production History:

  • The Laundry Play was developed with Grub Street's Advanced Playwriting Intensive Workshop under the guidance of Kira Rockwell.

  • The Laundry Play was workshopped with Yonder Window Theatre Company as a part of their 2022 Ascending Playwrights Program. 

  • production: Chain Theatre Winter One-Act Festival, New York City, dir. Mackenna Goodrich, starring Sara Rosenthal & Ben Teitelbaum (February 2023)

Click the arrows to see more images from the Chain Theatre production. Photos by Lauren Redman. 

Magic Stand

One-act (2f), ~10 mins

At a lemonade stand in the dog days of summer, two girls sample some very interesting brownies.

Production History:

  • production: Magic Stand was developed for Historically Close Friends Theater Company's "The Newest Plays You've Never Seen" Festival in Burlington, VT, dir. Jill Holland (September 2023)

  • production: Kenyon College Stagefemmes Alumni One-Act Festival, Gambier OH (September 2023)

Screen Shot 2023-09-12 at 2.30.56 PM.png


Monologue (1f), ~10 mins

An aging 1970s feminist icon recounts the strange night when a young woman, Melody, appeared on her doorstep. 

Screen Shot 2021-03-04 at 9.15.53 PM.png


one act (1f 1m), ~10 mins

Navigating a relationship in quarantine is difficult, especially when you don't know what that relationship is. 

When the Evening Shadows Fall

Monologue (1m), ~15 mins

An aging Elvis Presley impersonator delivers a eulogy for his best friend. He wants you to know that he has a pet fish. 

  • When the Evening Shadows Fall was developed for the 24 Hour Viral Monologues: Kenyon, produced by Playwright's Workshop.

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